Sunday, January 16, 2011

13.1 LA Half Marathon

OK-Dokey. I love showing the graphs, totally shows how a bit past the mid-point I decided to get going.

I was listening to podcasts/talk radio for the first half, like I tend to do sometimes on a normal run. Helped keep me focused on taking it easy. At the 7 mile marker I took the phone out of my pack and started streaming from "Today's Hits" from Slacker Radio.

My left quad started hurting right around mile 12. I was like, oh dang...ignore it. Just stride it out and let it go away. And it did.

It was a pretty mellow morning and race. Woke at 5:33, got ready, went to Ralphs to buy some protein bars for the run and use the restroom, and then headed to the starting line. Parked a bit from the start on a side street, and it was about a mile from the finish line, which was nice to have a walk/jog back to the car.

I really don't know what to say. It didn't hurt too much. I felt my breathing when I sped up, and I was proud of that, and pushed through the little pain. Kept telling myself I was doing well, and just keep it moving. And I did. I didn't talk myself into walking or anything. Good day.

When I got home, I chilled for a tiny bit, then went outside to rake the leaves. that's done. Ate lunch and now I'm putting up the data. Now what? Going to relax a bit, maybe do dishes, and hopefully get up a XMas post on the home blog. :-D

Have a nice day. What a great way to start 2011!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Been a long time, long time, longalongalong time...

Well, it took me having a hernia surgery to feel old and decrepit and NEEDING to run. So, 4 weeks and a couple days after getting all hacked up, I went out, with the puppy and took a SLOW SLOW jog. Just 2.1-ish miles, and I didn't time it or Forerunner it. Felt cool. Legs are sore, and I know I ran, ya know.

Looking forward to running some more! Yay!

Garmin "Data"

Stay young!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

20 Mile (19 ahem) Training Run

First and foremost, here's the link to the garmin data.

I'll repeat and add to what I said there, since I can only put so much on that page. Just read this one for the full gory story...

OK, I've been wanting to write in here, but it's Tuesday night and I'm ready to procrastinate other things and type this up...

So, what the H-LL? I plan on 20 miles, have it all mapped out and ready to go...I buy a water bottle, a belt to carry gu and gear (thank goodness it fits my phone, as you'll read later), and a new pair of "Super-Feet" (my shoe inserts). I was already to go!
And I have been training...but maybe a bit too hard. Look back a run, on the 19th...I did an 8 miler, which I finished on the track at a pretty decent clip. Kinda burnt my legs for a long run two days later...but that wasn't all...

The day of the run, I decided not to look down at my watch too often, because I'd drive myself mad after looking too much over 20 miles...I decided to start out quick, instead of my usual slow start with a speed up, I just wanted to maintain a quicker pace overall. Well, I started way to fast, but settled into a rhythm. I knew it was too fast, but continued anyway. Dummy! (I should have looked at my watch a FEW TIMES, to realize just how fast I was going.)

I do think it was OK to be going fast for a portion of it...that major left turn turn after the start up in BHills was where I got on the LA Marathon race course. The next 10 miles of this run, are the last 10 miles of the race. So, going faster is good, to have a nice feeling for the finish. I didn't realize how much of an incline 6 of those miles are, minor, but enough, especially since I didn't slow down, like at ALL. Then the last 3 to the finish line are all downhill, but I was fried, and finally decided to slow down since I had so much left to run. I still didn't look at my watch. I didn't look down until I got to the 13.1 mile point, at which time I realized I had just set another PR at the half-marathon distance. What is wrong with me? This was supposed to be an "easy" 20 mile Reconnaissance run.

Well, that was just about the end of me. I slowed as I had to start climbing hills heading away from the ocean. I knew I had 7:49 pace for the half marathon after slowing down the hill, and I knew I was slowing heading home. I thought I was slowing more drastically than I really was, I suppose. For when I hit a big hill coming up to the Santa Monica Airport, I looked down again and saw I was at 17.1 miles and 8:03 pace. This pace is faster than when I did the original half-marathon race, and it was with an added 4 miles and I'd set a new PR at the 13.1 distance, AND it was hilly, compared to the race which was effectively flat as a pancake. After walking that hill, I ran from 17.25 until 18.86 (or thereabouts). I walked again, and tried running once or twice more, but only for like 50 feet or so...I kept bending over and just saying OUCH! I could hardly lift my legs.

After walking a while, I decided to call Jess and tell her I was done running...hoping she'd offer help, since I couldn't ask for help. I just told her I was about a mile away and it could take me something like 20+ minutes to get home at the pace I was she offered to come pick me up, which I sadly agreed with. I felt like crying, I felt like I had failed.

Thinking about it then, and even now, I know I didn't fail. Crying, yeah, that's just an emotional response, can't help that, but feelings of failure. That can be objectively discussed. Dehydrating one week earlier on a 10+ mile run, and walk/running for a total 13 mile run, will hurt for a while. Then running a quick 4 miler on Tuesday, and an 8 miler on Friday that I pushed too hard at the end. And finally, starting way too fast, because I overall felt good. That's not failing. That's striving too hard. And now a few days later, my legs are sore, but nothing like even after the half-marathon race. My heart and lungs felt great, just my legs were Jello(TM). Can't argue with that. Other than the too fast start and not meeting the 20 mile goal, the run was a great success!

The successes include this:
  • Ran with a belt for food, so I know the pack feels good for race day.

  • Ran with a water bottle, so I didn't dehydrate. I could have used more water, but to be graphic, I peed when I got home, and I was still sweating after I was done running. Salt on my skin a bit, but I still had hydration, which is why I think I recovered so well, along with the nice ice-bath and Advil. ;-) I'm starting to like those ice-baths.

  • Like the day I de-hydrated I stopped myself. I'm grown up now, and stop when I am hurt/in pain, whatever and don't totally over-push myself to the point of an actual injury. That is smart, and good to know I can stop. Although, we'll see if that holds true during a race. However, I don't think that will be an issue, as I'll pay attention to my watch and follow my race plan.

  • Just seeing I can run more than 13 miles, up to 17, even in "adverse" conditions. Still 9 short of the marathon, but with fresh legs I can envision making the entire distance. That wasn't something I was 100% confident in with the half-marathon. Which is why I've been able to increase my speed at that is becoming more "comfortable."

  • Running the last 10 miles of the course will be a huge benefit. I bet 99%+ of the runners on race day won't have seen that much of the course, especially on foot, running. The rest of the course I've driven around on, except maybe the first 3 miles or so. So, I have at least 20 miles of course knowledge, with those last 10 being the most important. I really look foward to those last 3+ miles coming down the hill towards the ocean!

Weather info: I went out a bit later than I wanted, but that was only a few degrees change in temp, and not much difference in sun intensity between 7:30 and 8:30...Basically just nice, lower-mid 60's. Finished running around 2 hours into it, at 9:20.

Cute thing of the day was when I was picked up by Jess, and the kids, the first thing I was greeted with was Summer asking me if I was OK. I said no, but it was so nice to hear her ask. She is so awesome! And, yes, Jess is awesome to come get me, and Jack asked about me, too, but Summer just happened to be first, and the sound in her voice of genuine concern made me smile. I love my family. I look forward to being done with this marathon training so I can spend my Sunday mornings with them again...until I plan on the next race, or go out golfing someday again.

I think that covers it. I may re-read this someday, and maybe add to it, but it is already pretty long-winded. it's 12:30AM now...gulp, time for bed!

GO, Go, go!!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009


So, short day, too busy to do much else, so tried to pick up the pace at the end.  Easy to do a negative split when it’s like that.  Sunny, about 67°.  Only got in 2.25 miles.


Felt super and fine, no problems.  Just still do not like running on sidewalks and cross streets with lights…sigh.


Blah blah blah….and GO GO GO!!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

38, In More Ways Than 1

My 38th Birthday RunNice little 5 miler, that I happened to pull off in 38, ahem, minutes. 52°F, started in the dusk and sunny by the time I was done. Good negative split. Felt really nice. I have to wake up early to run more often.

Woke up to Jackson wet. Just after Jess said how he hasn't had a mistake in so long, and was done so much earlier than Summer. My fault, though. I forgot to have him do a bath-time or bed-time potty. Oops. And he was very tired and fell asleep pretty quick, so his body wasn't able to wake him up. The poor guy. But, he did get me out of bed for my run!!! For that, I thank him greatly! :-D

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Running Around and Races

OK, so, it’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve only run a measly 4 days since Sept 16th.  Once every 5 days.  Pains seem mostly gone in back and such, so that’s an awesome result.  But my running is slower now.  The only really interesting run was on Sept 27th.  I was in Colorado and ran up Bergen PassPic here (Not mine, and no it wasn’t snowy then).  Very slow average pace, but hey, it was about a 1500’ or so incline, and even the downhill was a pretty technical trail where I had to run slowly and safely.  The map I linked to is super rough, it was actually a bit under 9 mile loop, of which I ran 7.25 miles.  Yowsers!


Today was just an easy 4.5 miler on a nice cool day, low to mid 60s, street running during lunch at work.


A question.  I wonder how many people sign up for “races” but just use them as regular runs, and just to be in a big group?  I can NOT sign up for a race without planning, training and TRYING to be faster than a “training” run.  I just don’t see the point.  Just us competitive people?  Why I ask?  I’ve signed up for a half-marathon and wonder what I can do.  I’ll need to get back into training and do some longer runs.  Shooting for 1:30-1:45.  Then I’ll look into a marathon.  Gulp, I’ve never done a marathon before…probably for the competitive reason, I don’t want to just go out and run it, which I think I could do on any given day (yes, I’d have to walk/run, like many people do).


What do you think?  Do you enter “races” just to run?  I guess that’s why a lot of races now list a “Fun Run”….whatever……psshhh

Pics of the Bergen Pass...

This is what I saw when we parked. Gulp. What am I getting myself into?

I combined the Garmin images to put together the entire route and the elevation:

From the topographic map, you can see I didn't get the entire run in the watch. I turned off the timer for some walking, then said, "Wow, I'm walking more than expected, I should turn this back on until I'm really ready to run again." Which I did, after a mile or so of walking, with tiny bits of jogging in there.

If you can believe pictures on the internet, then this is proof it was me...

Garmin stats here:
5k Uphill
Resting Walk-Slight Jogs